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FOREVER FREE Accessibility Widget

  • Free - No Strings Attached
    No sign-ups required, GDPR compliant, and open-source community.
  • Easy Installation
    Watch it automatically appear with just using a single line of code.

Accessibility is about removing barriers and providing the technology for everyone.

No Sign Ups. No Hidden Fees. No Data Sharing Practices. All Open Source.

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Get Widget Script

Copy the <script> tag below for quick installation and automatic updates.

Paste Script into Website

Paste the <script> tag right before the closing </body> tag of you website.

Installation guides:


The widget will automatically appear at the bottom left of your website.

Feel free to buy me a coffee, helps me stay awake.. ☕


  • Can this widget ensure WCAG and ADA compliance for a website?

    There are numerous companies that offer accessibility widgets for free or even at a cost, claiming that they can fix accessibility issues and prevent lawsuits. NO accessibility widget, including those labeled as "AI-powered," can truly add accessibility to your website. For more information on this topic, "Toolbar Plugins/Overlay Widgets for Website Accessibility Aren't ADA Compliant."
  • Free ? What's the catch?

    No catch! This widget is available under the MIT License, allowing you to use it for free. It was created with the belief that accessibility should be freely accessible to all, and as a disapproval of companies charging for similar services while providing inaccurate information.
  • Is this widget optimized for performance?

    Yes! This widget is optimized for performance. It's the only widget I know of that's built-in to be performance-ready for Core Web Vitals. Additionally, this widget can be loaded asynchronously or deferred, meaning that even if it's slow to load, it won't impact your website's performance speed.
  • How can I support this?

    Feel free to explore the GitHub project and consider supporting me by buying me a coffee. Every little contribution helps me stay caffeinated and motivated to continue improving the project. ☕️!
  • I found an issue! Fix it!

    Oh no! Send me an message and I will get back to you as soon as possible.